Saturday, July 18, 2009
People love each other, we love our families, children & parents, brothers & sisters, husbands & wives, lovers & friends... but do we love them enough! or enough has nothing to do with it!

I mean do we love them unconditionally! Would we forgive their mistakes! Of course if those mistakes were not meant to hurt us but for some needs and desires.

Would wives forgive their husbands for being homosexuals! Would husbands do! Would lovers who are in deep love forgive each other for having sex with someone else! Would children forgive their mothers for divorcing their fathers! Would mothers forgive their children for stealing their money!

If we love each other so much would we understand and forgive even when it hurts so bad! or we would desert and punish them for being selfish inconsiderate thoughtless.. for being humans!

Can we love without IF's! Or we're just selfish to do so!

Strange, dear, but true, dear,
When I'm close to you, dear,
The stars fill the sky,
So in love with you am I.
Even without you
My arms fold about you.
You know, darling why,
So in love with you am I.
In love with the night mysterious
The night when you first were there.
In love with my joy delirious
When I knew that you might care.
So taunt me and hurt me,
Deceive me, desert me,
I'm yours 'til I die,
So in love,
So in love,
So in love with you, my love, am I.

So taunt me and hurt me,
Deceive me, desert me,
I'm yours 'til I die,
So in love,
So in love,
So in love with you, my love, am I.


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At 2:27 PM, Blogger eshda3wa

if u really loved eachother u wouldnt do these things in the first place.

and no i dont believe in unconditional love


At 11:23 PM, Blogger Loura

Many friends including a part of me think your way.. but if a loving husband had sex with a colleague on a business trip.. certain circumstances.. then he regrets it.. does it mean hes not in love with his wife!

Many questions wandering in my mind.. need some answers.. Thanks for stopping by.


At 1:09 PM, Blogger fata-cali

walah ya loura etha al insan y7eb ra7 ysame7 ay '3al6ah men 7abebah bas eb shar6 hal 7ob ykon 9adeq .. eb mojtm3na ma'6en hal shay y9er lena al 7ob al 9adeq beda y5tfi aw ena hal 7ob ykon men 6araf wa7ed ... sorry for not writing in english but i could not say that way :) i hope ur mam is back
fe amam alah


At 11:41 PM, Blogger Loura

ahlain fata-cali,

thanks for following my blog.. nice to know that men do forgive.. and mom isnt comming back for a quite long time.


At 3:49 AM, Blogger TOUCHE'

Forgiveness is the pinnacle of love, when someone truly forgives and to fully accepts people's flaws he demonstrates the greatest form of love.

Is it easy? No, but it takes a great leap of faith in love while depending on time to forget.


At 5:56 AM, Blogger Loura

I like what you said above and i agree with you, but am not sure with the second part "to forget" we dont forget our pain, well if i have to speak for myself, i still hatve some painful childhood memories. I dont forget, but i forgive.

I've read ur last post.. and.. donno what to say.. really.. you are unique ur emotions are rare and unique.. ur words are so ... aaaaah.. u r her loss.


At 5:06 PM, Blogger fata-cali

kel 3an o enti eb 5air o embarak 3lech al shahar

i hope you are doing fine


At 7:07 PM, Blogger Loura

hala wallah .. wenta b5air .. o 3alaik ytebarak ameen. Am fine el7mdlillah.. teslam.