Wednesday, September 13, 2006

When i was a lil gurl.. i used to think that am not so pretty.. no one used to tell me so -do tell your kids when you have them that they are so beautiful.. its very important- and so i grew up with that idea.

I bloomed and my beauty became obvious to all but myself, i used to be shocked when someone flatters me: Oh is he talkin to me -checkin my back if there's someone else worth flattring- e7em.. its me, blushing.. dreaming of that guy who found me attractive, bleh bleh..

I realized am pretty, mom realzed this 2, and once we were in a restaurant.. she looked at me that indescribable look, sadness melted in.. i dont really know how to explain it.. was terrifying me, she sighs: be aware of this: BEAUTY ISNT ALWAYS A BLESS.

Now, i know what mama meant, most of "BELLAs" arent happy. Most feel lonely and desperate, they arent satisfied on their romantic life and most are heart broken.. thats why some of them end their own lives.
Yes am lonely most of the time.. i have no much friends, though am friendly and fun, i spend most of the weekends getting a skimed late' from nearest starbucks cafe ALONE.

Romantic side.. MY RIGHTS TO HAVE ROMANCE IN MY LIFE ARE TAKEN. Plz dont ask for explanation. But am fine now dont worry.

By the way.. am not saying here am so pretty.. am an average.


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At 1:35 AM, Blogger Fuzzy

yeah many girls and boys find someones beauty intimating and it stresses their uglyness hehehe.
but also you worry about your outer looks, although you said that you're fun and outgoing, so why dont you socialize ?


At 2:49 AM, Blogger Loura

Thanx Fuzzy, i cant see where did u find me worried about my outer look! and why dont i socialize, AHHHH is all i can say.


At 3:32 AM, Blogger Saudi Girl

Beauty shouldn't be blamed because it's a blessing from God..But it's people who can't see beyond that beauty who should be blamed ! For they are sooo superficial & shallow.


At 4:17 AM, Blogger Loura

Always happy to read ur comments cousin.


At 4:51 PM, Blogger Dawn Fairy

strange how some average looking people envy the more good looking ones... thinking they cant have evrything they want and they are the happiest...
beuty isnt evrything .. a person has to bo confident of him self and like the way he looks no matter how good or bad it is...
and i dont think getting a romance life has anything to do with beauty.. i think it's luck ask me about it.


At 12:35 AM, Blogger Loura

Dawn Fairy,
Thanx, I totally agree. But about luck, well theres a complicated formula that includes luck 2.