Thursday, June 26, 2008
Yes the score was 3/2 for Germany, but you turkishes won the match with your art and determination.

Thanks for the wonderful match, i will always remember.. especially when the score was 1/1 and suddenly went 2/2 :D hahaha my bad i missed the most excited part of it.


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Its summer time, most Kuwaitis are preparing for traveling on this vacation. Of course most of them are depending on the travel agencies, forgetting about this incredible mean which is internet. You can search yourself for the best qualities and best prices for everything: tickets, hotels, villas, apartments and cars. I promise you may get shocked by what you're going to find. For example; you can have a 4 stars hotel suite for 5 persons in Riccione (Italy), a 24h open magnificent city on the beach for 710 euros a week. Or in Divonne (France) the best place to discover Europe, less than20 minutes away from Geneva, less than 30 minutes away from Lausanne, Lausanne is 3h away from Milan (Italy) by train. Geneva is an hour away from my best place Anncey (France) which is a combination of Zell Am See nature and the Italian style paths which is full of cafes and shops. Divonne apartments, for 4 persons are around 28 KD per night. You think the residence is a low quality and too cheap! IT IS NOT. See pictures below:

This is in Riccione:

Sorry guys, the girl isnt included in the offer :D

This is in Divonne:

Anyways here are some helpful tips:
- Go to Type in the search box (what you're looking for): hotels, suites or cars and the specific place your heading to

- Check out the results-Set the dates then check availability and prices
- Fill the form (depends on the sites policies)

-The site will provide you with the OK or NOT OK (approval) form by sending you an email or just giving you a pin code on the next page.
-Print out the page to quick up the process when checking in.

I risked all that last summer, knowing nothing about those sites... no one I know did it before so I would rely on their experiences. But it was the best trip with the best quality and prices ever.

Here are some good sites:
or even direct reservations on the hotels official sites

A very important factor that would make your trip perfect; DO rent a car with a GPRS. It’s going to cost you less than taxis. And you can even transport from one country to another by it (especially in Europe) and give it back at the last country of your trip airport. A taxi from Geneva airport to Lausanne costs 60 KD; I rented Audi A4 station for 12 days with 260 KD. But in Italy it’s much more expensive. Anyways here are the agencies:
Or you can do a search on Google for cheap cars rental and you may get excellent deals.

Check tickets rate on the official airline site because there are different seats prices for the same flight, for instance:

I hope I was helpful. May you all enjoy your vacations. Bon Voyage.


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