Friday, June 29, 2007

In 1994, one morning while we were in the class.. a new student arrived, a pretty girl white skin.. dark hair.. she was so beautiful and her name WAS Iman. She entered the class and sit at the last desk of the next row, close to me. She was quiet and shy.. didnt interact with any in my class.
By time.. we got closer and closer.. that we do everything together.. during breaks.. gym classes.. all.. even outa school we kept on contact. On one of the break times, while we were sitting on our isolated spot i noticed some stain on her uniform.. asked her:
what is that!!
Iman: mom hit me with the foundation can and spoiled my uniform
Me: why!!
Iman:she hates me. i had a fight with my younger sis, ahh mom loves her more.
Me: don be a kid!
Iman: wallah she does u have no idea.

Since then i knew that her mom is mean to her and abusing her for no reason.. maybe coz her dad loves her (Iman) a lot.

1996, Iman visited me told me:
hey am getting married :D
Me: REALLY!!!!!! ur too young!!
Iman: yes yes.. hes handsome look at his pic :D
Me: Iman.. COMMON!! u cant be serious! what about Mohammed? ur love!
Iman: well, i still love him, but he didnt mention marriage yet, besides mom kept nagging about this man and keeps askin me to marry him
Me: Iman, its ur life, don make her ruin ur life, and what about school
Iman: Oh hes good wallah don worry, u know i suck in school! am outa school
Iman: Its ok don worry

Few months later, Iman showed up at my home showin me bruises, i was shocked:
Gosh what is that!!
Iman cries: its him.. he drinks and do drugs.. made me do drugs 2
Iman: yes.. he was nasty with me on our honey moon.. i had no one in Paris to go to.. he's not a man.. hes a monster,
Me: Oh come here baby.. hugged her.. aham shay mako baby
Iman: he made me kill my unborn baby.. (crying)
Iman: I HATE U AND UR MOM .. U STUPID. bs el7mdlillah 3la kil 7al

1996-1997 was a very important year for me.. thanawiya 3amah., and for some reason we stopped contactin each other.. I FEEL TOOOOO BAD NOW for not contactin her at that critical time.

October 1997, my older sis called me in the hospital.. i had some health issues, anyways, she asked me:

Is this ur friend's name!
Me: yes, why? (my heart went beating too fast)
sis: she's dead
Me: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
sis: theres a story in the news paper as well, a young girl with same her name's letters found dead by over dose.. and her mom went to identify her after she has informed the police of being missed for 2 days
sis: Allah yer7amha anyways.

I called my cousin who is a friend of her as well and asked her to pick me to go to her home.. and i told doctors its urgent, and ill be back and begged them.

At her home door i couldnt move my legs.. i hardly did and entered the house.. i found few ppl really few i saw her sis in a bad shape.. icouldnt recognize her mother.. damn she was thinner .. black and her eyes were too small, layin on the sofa GOSH.. her mom shouted my name and jumped to hug me.. we cried cried cried.. and criedddd.. i didnt know what i said .. but my cousin said i was harsh with her mom tellin her kila minich :( .. wallah i wasnt thinkin at that time.. we sat later.. and she told her sisters (Iman aunts) this is her best friend i showed u her pic yesterday.

I didnt stay long, i left and on my way to the car i saw Iman's lil brothers who Iman used to ADORE and kept tellin me their stories.. i remember one day i dropped her home after school, and her lil brother was standin at the door waiting for her.. she hugged himmmmmm BIG HUG.. and i went hugging him in a crazy way.. her dad saw me and entered home.
I went back to the hospital, and couldnt cry. Of course i keep remembering her and sometimes drop a tear.. i keep prayin for her. (PLZ ALL PRAY FOR HER)

Today when i woke up and was still in bed.. i suddenly remembered her, i think i was sayin a prayer for all passed away beloved.. and i weeped as if she just passed away.

Thought of sharing some emotions with u. Sorry if i made u sad.


ALLAH yer7amha o y'3afer laha o tkoon fee mukan a7san min elly kanat feeh ameen.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Now, when all my life matters are settled down, and movin on a smooth straight stream.. I'm happy that everything is ok and i keep saying el7amdlillah. BUT -yeah there is always a but- its kinda boring nothin much to think of .. nothin much to plan for nor to worried about ;) no joy rides lol, well.. in fact, there are some less joy rides than the ones i used to do in my early 20s.. yet its :\ .. uhh i think i need a vacation, time to fly to somewhere else b4 i do somethin really crazy.

Kuwait: movies, cafes, restaurants and shoppin. yeah Gym as well, gym is the best part of it.


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Monday, June 11, 2007
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Friday, June 01, 2007

I was hungry, went to get an apple.. and when i came back to my room i saw this on the table 2 CHOCOLATE boxes, i didnt notice them lol.


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