Monday, December 31, 2007

Its the 31st of Dec... the last morning in 2007, i keep feeling sad every year this time. Im not sure its the aging issue nah lol -well maybe partially- but its the number 2007 am gonna miss.

2007 el7amdlillah was a successful smooth happy year. Maybe its the odd number, i get along very well with odd numbers. Here's a link to a post i wrote about 2006-2007, seems like yesterday. Days.. no, years are flying away.

Happy Peaceful Successful New Year All
Throwing the days of 2006 in the bin


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Listening to stories about death.. touches you deep inside, but watching someone dying infront of you.. to witness such event, is waaaay much more hitting.

At the hospital, spending some days in the intensive care unit, any one would witness the death of some patients. In Dubai, the family members are allowed to spend all day long with their patient even if it was in the intensive care unit. So, years ago i was there with my grandma for a quite long time.. saw other patients.. talked to them and their families.. cheked on them some even laughed and said jokes together. One after one.. passed away.

Families crying, some were prepared already. ME oh me .. I was sneaking to see that dead woman or man.. torturing myself more.. some were face covered.. some looked just like asleep. I was devastated.

Of course that made me think more about death. Do they really see a tunnel with a strong light at the end and thats it? or do they see flashes of their lives? Or they only see Ezrae'el and his gang? (esta'3far allah) Is it painful when the soul leaves the body? Only dead people can answer those questions.

That kid, next to my grandma room, I used to visit him , and do funny faces behind the window between the two rooms. He was so young and too ill, i didnt really know what was his condition, but i guess it was a unique illness. The day after his surgery, doctors and nurses rushed to his room.. he was bleeding from his nose and ears, I was watching from the window.. they closed cutrain, but i still could see his face through a narrow angle. He saw me.. and kept staring at me and me staring at him, doctors seemed helpless, mother was outside without any expression. He was laying back and relaxed.. bleeding as well.. doctors were around him, blocking my sight sometimes but still we were staring at each other. He passed away. I left Dubai back to Kuwait.

Did he see the tunnel! Did he see his mom and dad! Did he see Ezrae'el! Or all he did saw was me!

May all of them rest in peace.


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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Desire, is a huge word.. wide.. secretly announced.. people.. animals.. plants.. objects.. aaah thoughts are fighting in my mind, it is an idea searching for its path clashing into another resulting in a freak weird foggy thought that has the magic to relieve you and balance back your mind, but only if you catch it. Its deep down there.. deeper than you imagine..

Back to DESIRE, is it true that every desire comes from the need of something? I dont know.

The desire of food, of love, of course i can not count them all but.. lets talk about the desire of SEX.

Is there a need of sex! I believe so, but why do some wives/husbands cheat on their husbands/wives! Is it the same why we eat food when we are not hungry! aaaaaah many questions in my mind many answers as well but, hmmmm its really a sensetive topic to write about specially knowing some people in real that might be reading my words right now.

Cheating, which party is really in pain! Is it the cheater or the one being cheated on! Does Lust tastes bitter in cheating! Is there any excuse would justify cheating! Would people forgive it! And for how many times!

"She prayed and asked God for helping her not to fall in sin, went out and called him:

she: hey

he: am too horny cant wait to hold u and feel u melt in my hand

she: am scared i dont feel well at all

he: dont worry the minute you're here you're gonna forget

she: feeling the guilt already

he: you're gonna forget it i promise

picked her up went to that place, hell she felt it..

she's thinking: what on earth am i doin here

she: so i still don feel well and to be honest.. i feel worse

he: relax babe.. holding her shoulders

she: please take them away don touch me

she felt fire where he held her, he tried to put his arms around her.. she jumped and rushed to the door, two desires one wishing him to take her to the bed room, another to go back home and feel safe and being that decent WIFE.. suddenly he opened the door .. stepped out and asked her to leave

she: wait are you mad at me!

he: just lets go

she: please wait

he interrupted: it doesnt matter just lets leave

she: are you mad at me! please dont be i just cant

he: lets leave it doesnt look good we standing at the door just lets go (sharply firmly)

he dropped her back, all the way in the car she was smiling .. thanking God for being there for her.. and answering her prayers.. knowing that if instead of him going out not to the bed room, she wouldnt resist.. THANKS GOD".


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Saturday, December 01, 2007
I know its too late to write about my trip to italy summer 2007, but i lost the appetite to post really.. am sure some or all know what i mean, anyways those are some pics:



Rimini & Riccione:

I strongly recommend Riccione, amazing place direct on the beach, its open 24h a day, you can walk in PRADA botique at 3 am :)



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